Welcome to Mother’s World

Today is my birthday, and just incase you are wondering, NO, am not pregnant.

But I want to use this opportunity to celebrate motherhood…

One of the best blessings I have come know.


To all my beautiful moms out there, I love you. I feel you. I SALUTE you!

(Please tag a mother: your mommy, sister, auntie, grandma and all mothers at heart).

Enjoy this poem, Welcome to Mother’s World❤️



Up at the break of dawn

Strength gone. Sleep, done.

Everyone else still asleep

Mother is up readying for the day.

Mothers do EVERYTHING, well almost❤️

Welcome to Mother’s world.



The words that came to mind

Mothers sing to comfort the baby

With joy and smile she calms the tantrum

Humming all the way home

Like the house sparrow

Because every word becomes a song

Mothers give all within their strength.

To have some peace❤️

Welcome to Mother’s world.



Mothers do their best

Not knowing the rest

No one knows everything!

You may think you know until the test.

The sick days and night tears

Sometimes, silent fears

No smooth sailing at all

Yet she embraces her role

Mothers are THE BEST❤️

Welcome to Mother’s world.



The stories. The troubles. The tiredness. Sometimes, the overwhelm.

The joy and juggling of motherhood.

The peace and pressure of her kingdom

Her children look at her for all the answers. ALL!

Do Mothers know all? I tell you mothers know a lot❤️

Welcome to Mother’s world.



As your child grows your heart glows.

You pray that they soar and fly, very high.

When they do, you cry with joy.

But your work is never really done

Because a mama will mother even grown children.

Mothers’ love ARE FOREVER❤️

Welcome to Mother’s world.



Happy birthday to me!

So grateful to God for all the blessings I have received in this life. Looking unto GOD for a brighter future, and extra-ordinary abundance in all areas of my life.

Thanks friends for celebrating with me.

Please share, comment and join my community of champions.

Love always,






“Become the Champion of your Greatness”



8 thoughts on “Welcome to Mother’s World

  1. Lovely poem. It gives snippets of what is encountered on the mother’s journey… but only someone that has taken or is taking the journey knows the backstory filled with the joys and the agony of motherhood. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jeri,
      I totally agree, this poem is just a snippet. A lot of things go on behind the backdoor of motherhood.
      Motherhood is a journey folded in other journeys.
      A multitude of journeys with its highs and lows.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

      Love always,

  2. I loved this poem. It is a true testament to what a mother goes through. My favorite line is “Because a mama will mother even grown children.” because my adult children do not understand how I can still want to “mother” them :). I tell them your position has changed as you grew while mine remained the same from the beginning of your birth til now.

    1. Oh wow Yvette!
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I do appreciate your support as always!
      Am glad you enjoyed reading this poem, you actually motivated to publish it. After reading your beautiful poem about Cameroon

      Since becoming a mother a lot of things have changed for me.
      And even though I won’t trade it for anything, motherhood still has its own challenges.
      And yes, as mothers our position remains the same.

      Love always.

  3. This is exactly how I see you Nkechi. Up at dawn feeding children. Exercising and juggling it all with the Proverbs 31 Stride. Everyone you touch, whether it be those you help to champion their own greatness in business in Afriscope, on Periscope or Your family, we are beyond blessed to have a friend, wife, mother and coach that is worth far above rubies.

    1. You are so kind sister Lamonique
      I do appreciate you. I am having joyful tears just reading your response right now….
      Thanks for being who you are and for encouraging me through this words.

      Am glad you enjoyed this poem.
      Again, all I can say is thank you and may the good Lord bless you!

  4. I love the concept because motherhood is a gift worthy of celebration other than that one given day. It’s a position in your personal life that encompasses so much more than just caring and providing for your children. Under it, comes many demands, obligations and duties that are overlooked because as mothers, we give of ourselves so freely. So yes!! Whenever you feel like celebrating the greatest gift and positioning in life that is not as easy as many think it is to fall into unless you’re just a natural, do it! We all deserve it!

    1. Awwwww Lisa
      Thanks for your kind words. Am glad you enjoyed reading this poem!
      I do agree with you that motherhood “encompasses so much more than just caring and providing for your children”!
      Yes indeed, Motherhood is a journey wrapped in layers of journeys

      Let’s keep celebrating this amazing gift and blessing it is worth every dime and accolade.

      Thanks very much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon!

      Love always,

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