Today is A Special Day

Surely today is a special day that I will remain grateful for throughout my life. By all means, I see this day as the beginning of greater things, and I am ready to receive from the Almighty God. I am literarily lost for words and not exactly sure how to express my gratitude.

All I can say is that on a special day like this I realize that “hard work shall never be forgotten.”

Work harder. Push further. Remain faithful. Doors will open; they are never going to be shut forever! Click To Tweet


Now here’s the gist:

I woke up this morning all tired from the cold, sneezing and wiping.

After my morning routine I decided to support my friend that has gone live on periscope, with my first comment, I realized that I had been upgraded to periscope gold VIP status. I was stunned, but I was thrilled. My eyes light up, “dreams do come through” I said to myself.

Well, at that time, the cold disappeared, and I started dancing and screaming from the rooftop that I am grateful.

Thank you Periscope TV

Thank you Periscope for upgrading me to gold VIP status! I love the periscope community, and I am very thankful for this opportunity. Today is indeed a special day in my life, period. A day I will never forget😊

It is important to realize that I did not do this all by myself; in fact, this honor came about as a result of community, collaboration, and goodwill. Therefore I want to thank all the people that have supported me on my periscope journey. Special thanks to the fabulous Janice Temple for her guidance & mentorship! Thank you to Katya and Michala for encouraging me to scope when I joined Periscope on a special day in 2015.

Finally, thanks to all my other beautiful friends that have supported me, I appreciate every one of you from the heart.

Do not be afraid to dream.

Please do me a favor, and share this post, it will inspire someone. I know that for sure😃




4 thoughts on “Today is A Special Day

  1. Congratulations Kechi! This is an honor that you are truly deserving of! All of your hard work, love and support for others was returned to you tenfold! I couldn’t be happier for you!

    1. Hello, Nabi,
      How are you doing sis? Thanks for your kind words.
      I do appreciate your support on my periscopes, thanks for rejoicing with me.

      Happy International Women’s Day!

    1. Awww, Thank you, Sara!
      You are an incredible human being love; I remember everything you helped me to build in Afriscopetv.
      You rock, as a sister and a friend. I love you!

      Happy International Women’s Day!

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