Kechi is a wonderful lady who I met through Periscope. She works tirelessly to reach out to people across the world to support them with warmth, love and good will. Her blog is a source of useful information and great humor. When Nkechi scopes she brings a vitality and motivation that is infectious. The part she plays in both the #Afriscopetv and #peri10k communities are invaluable and would be poorer for her absence. We love Kechi on Periscope. Long may it continue!


Owner & Manager at Wood for The Trees Coaching

Michala Leyland

This woman is such an inspiration, you definitely want to grab her Best Selling Book and learn how her GENEROSITY and POSITIVITY can change YOUR LIFE! Having seen Kechi from day 1 of her Periscope journey, her confidence has improved tenfold and she has now taken that experience and turned it into teachings. She is kind and generous and obsessed with Periscope.


Founder & Manager peri10k.com

Katya Varbanova

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