How to Set Goals and Achieve them Effortlessly

In the past couple of months, I immersed myself in completing my second book, Gratefully Growing. All my focus, intention and attention were on the goals around that book. I talked about it on my periscope and Facebook live videos and on all my social media platforms. The book was digitally launched on June 01, 2017 and I am happy to report that I am glad about my result; it became #1 international bestseller on With time I will continue to share lessons I have learned along the way.


But, in today’s post, I will share seven effortless ways I believe anyone can set and achieve any goal.


  1. Go for one goal at a time.

I do believe that one is many. And that you need to fully concentrate on ONLY one goal at a time in other to be very successful, or at least get the kind of success that you envision. Get rid of multitasking especially when it comes to your vision, dreams, and goals.


  1. Be clear.

Be clear about what is it you are pursuing. If you want your goal to be stress-free and as effortless as possible to achieve, then you need to demystify it. Know what you are supposed to be doing when.


  1. Set a delivery time.

In other to set goals and achieve them effortlessly, you would need to put a time on it. It is ok to have a time in your head when you want to launch your product but it is far more important to have a time written down and you set up the necessary strategy to keep yourself and others accountable. When do you want to complete your project? Is it in the next 30 days, 60 days or 90 days?


  1. Map out time.

As solo-preneurs, we may sometimes not have enough time to run our business because we are doing every other thing aside from the things needed to do to move our business forward. For instance, if you are a mommy like me you may always find yourself doing chores like cooking, school run, laundry, taking care of your family, etc. And the only time you could actually have to run your business is the “left-over-time”. Unfortunately, rarely, could anything seriously be accomplished within the “left-over-time” because you are all tired and worn-outL

We do have to map out real productive time if we want to set goals and achieve them.


  1. Create sub-goals under that one big for easy bit-by-bit completion.

An African proverb says, “The best way to eat the elephant standing in your path is to cut it up into little pieces.” Simply put, the best way to solve a big problem is to tackle it bit by bit. Therefore create smaller goals and activities leading to your big goal. For instance, you want to write a book, determine your title first, then create an outline, etc.


  1. Maintain self-control or self-discipline.

Actually, this is what really really determines everything. Self-control or self-discipline determines whether you are going to be successful or not. If you are working for yourself this even becomes very important because you do not have a boss anymore that tells you what to do but you do still have work to do in other to be successful. Self-control helps you to hold yourself accountable. Without self-control, you can spend your time and money unwisely and end up broke.


  1. You or NEVER.

Remember that if you don’t work your goals it will not be worked.

My final tip on how to set goals and achieve them effortlessly is pretty much what everyone knows already. Oh yea, another cliché you will say, right? If you do not work your goals, dreams, and aspirations, they will not WORK! Get off the whining chair, my kids call it crying chair, hmmm. Get off that chair or bed or couch or kitchen table, whatever you call it. But you do know what I mean, don’t you? Get off that thing and start WORKING on your beautiful goals.


Remember, the will to start and finish any project is in your hands.

Go for it.

Put everything you have behind it.

Watch and see how successful you will become.


What are your own tips for setting and achieving goals? Please comment below.



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    1. Hello Sara,
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      Oh yes! “Goal setting is key to taking action.” It helps us work quicker and smarter.

      Have a beautiful day and see you soon!

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