Forbes Announces America’s Richest Self-Made Women 2017 – THE LESSONS

The June 13th 2017 Forbes Magazine edition features the list of Forbes America’s self-made women for this year. This list consists of a total of sixty amazing women from different backgrounds, yet, with similarities in the area of entrepreneurship and self-made business leaders.

None of the women listed inherited wealth from rich family and friends; all of the women listed were self-made, working from ground up.

Honestly reading the stories of these women gave me hope that all the hard work I put in daily will definitely be rewarded soon, very soon. I pray yours are rewarded as well my friend☺️

There are so many lessons from each individual story, however here is an overview of some of the many takeaways from the America’s richest self-made women.


Lesson #1:

How is your product/service different from your competition?

What different problem is your product going to solve?

Lets face it, no idea is entirely new on the face of the earth but it is important that your idea have a distinguishable attribute in other to attract the right people and also be different from numerous other products. Again, it doesn’t matter whether everyone is doing that same business; SET YOURSELF APART with a unique attribute.


Lesson #2:

Nothing is too small to start from.

Many times I have heard people say they can’t start a business because they have little to no capital. Forbes’ list of self-made richest women in America actually shows that people can start business with literarily any amount of money and still become super successful. These women’s start up monies ranged from $750.00-$5000.00.

All of these ladies started small.

DON’T despise humble beginnings. And as of today, some of these businesses are worth over billions of dollars.


Lesson #3:

You can soar mightily in the American business sphere even if you are not American born.

In other words, that you are not born in the United States of America should not stop you. If you are a business savvy immigrant like me, get your business papers right and shoot for the stars.

Many of the self-made women were immigrants. Like the Forever 21 Co-founder; Co-founder & President of Avenue Capital; Panda Express Co-owner, etc.



Lesson #4:

Age is but a number.

Do you agree with me? Well, you better believe it.

Our beautiful TV Judge Judy first appeared on TV at age 52. Ms. Pleasant Rowland started her doll company at age 45.

While some people are inclined to start their businesses early it is very ok to start at a later time as long as you start.


Lesson #5:

Your passion can become your purpose but you will need to work harder on it and go extra length.

Two renowned authors Danielle Steel ($330 M), Nora Roberts ($370 M) both started writing just for fun, eventually it became their major career due to dedication and determination.


Lesson #6:

Listen to your calling.

Peggy Cherng left her engineering job to help her husband open the first Panda Express; today Panda Express has almost 2000 locations. Know the time to make the right move. Today, Peggy is American’s richest self-made woman born outside of the country.


Dear Champion,

You can do what the self-made richest women in America did. You can take your passion, purpose and business to the next if you are willing to put in the required work.


Every dream can be delivered.

Every idea can be innovated.

Everything is possible if we are committed.

Do not allow FEAR of the unknown to prevent you from starting and or following through.

Be willing to PUSH, PERSIST and PRESENT.


Lets’ go.

Before you go, tell me in the comment some of the lessons you have learned from entrepreneurs you admire.


“Become the Champion of your Greatness”



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14 thoughts on “Forbes Announces America’s Richest Self-Made Women 2017 – THE LESSONS

    1. Thanks for reading Yvette.
      I appreciate your support sis.

      Am glad this article encouraged you. I also agree that it will be beneficial to other business-minded champions☺️
      Please feel free to tag a friend or share with anyone you think it might benefit.

      Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

      Love always,

  1. How encouraging is it to see, women who dared to believe in the impossible thrive beyond the possibilities. Kechi cant wait to see you listed in forbes too.#encouraged

    1. Awww Maureen
      Thanks for your kinds words!

      And yes it is always very encouraging to see women going places and conquering the world.
      Am glad this post encouraged you.

      Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend.

      Love always,

  2. This is definitely encouragement for all, especially those of us starting of later in life. This article brings hope; hope of the American dream and that it is still alive. I once met a man who was an immigrant from the Turkish area. He said America is a place where you can start with nothing and by your sheer efforts achieve your dreams. Since that time i have wondered “Is that STILL possible?”
    Thank you for your take on this Forbes article. It is awakening!

    1. Hello Lamonique,
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

      It is good to know that you were encouraged by this post.
      Oh yes, I certainly believe in the America dream; I personally know that with hard work and perseverance ordinary people can become extra-ordinary trailblazers.

      Keep pushing your dreams sis, it doesn’t matter when you started. Am happy you started.
      More blessings on your journey.

      Love always,

    1. Awww Jeri,
      Thank you too for reading. I appreciate you as well sis❤️

      Glory be to God for NEW IDEAS in your life in Jesus name. AMEN!
      May the good Lord Manifest those ideas to completion in Jesus name. AMEN!

      Have a great Indepence Day (July 4th)

      Love always,

  3. Every dream can be delivered.

    Every idea can be innovated.

    Everything is possible if we are committed.

    Do not allow FEAR of the unknown to prevent you from starting and or following through.

    Be willing to PUSH, PERSIST and PRESENT.

    I absolutely love this it made the journey look more realistic. And the possibilities to be Forbes list reachable. Thank you for that..

    1. AMEN!
      Anthony! Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.
      I appreciate your kind words.

      And HECK YEA! The journey is indeed realistic!
      Keep pressing forth.

      Your testimony is around the corner

      Have a great Indepence Day (July 4th)

      Love always,

  4. Yes it’s inspiring and encouraging to others to know that no matter your age or how little money you have, you too can venture out with your small idea and eventually create something great that will impact the world. Great article!

    1. Hello Andrea,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      YES – I totally agree with you that the stories of these women are super inspiring.
      If they did it, WE TOO CAN!!!

      I pray your day is going very well.
      Have a beautiful weekend.

      Love always.

  5. Oooh. Great lessons. I especially love #4. All too often I think we as women feel like youth is our best asset, and after a certain age success isn’t going to happen.

    1. Hello, Ysmay!
      Thanks for stopping by sis.
      I am glad you enjoyed reading this post.
      I agree with you on that, as women, we may easily give up because we think the prime age of success is passed. But, it is important to have the courage to go for our dreams no matter how old we may be. Never say never!

      Please stop by more often.

      Love always.

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