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You are beautiful.

You are intelligent.

You are unique.

And you can start and finish whatever you set your mind to.




You ‘ve got tons of stuff already?
Lack of the right training?
Lack of time? (Well, no one has enough of it)

Here’s the deal.

You have the power to CHAMPION your greatness☺
You can squash your doubts.
You have the power to repossess and regain your worth.

The truth though, until you realize your power and commit to creating the change you desire you will not be as productive as you want.

I know you have dreams and you want them to see the light of the day.
That’s amazing.

Perhaps in the past, you have set goals to no avail. You probably have tried all you can and still find yourself missing in action.
That sucks!

I want to see you set goals and achieve them without worries, fear or doubt.
I will show you how to regain your action taking skills, so you can grow and become who you want to be.
This means that you are happy, fulfilled and accomplished.
Because you are a Champion.


The trails of life are not perfect. The busy-ness of life is endless. The troubles, trials, temptations of this journey called life will continue to go back and forth.

Oh yea.



One thing that is constant is YOU. No matter what happens, you will remain at the steering wheel of your life.
And you can drive your life to wherever you want it to go.

So, if there is anything you must do, you must align yourself with the right people; the people that will push you to go beyond your limit.

That is WHY I am here…

To provide skills and information that will keep you moving forward no matter the hindrances.
I am sure you know that your elevation is here.
Trust me, actions trump over ideas.
No matter how big your ideas are, you must follow them up with actionable steps.




Be ready to:
• Wake up
• Stay Up and;
• Show up prepared!

The best part is that we are in this together.



"I Can Do Things You Cannot, You Can Do Things I Cannot; Together We Can Do Great Things." – Mother Teresa 


But there’s a catch…

If you are ready to become an action taking trailblazer, aka actioneer; you MUST be willing to:
• Do it scared.
• Commit and dedicate to a high priority task 100% from start to finish. (Rem, your priority can always change.
• Stop doing what is not working (Oh yes!)
• Cultivate new habits! (That’s right!)
• Be shameless about your action and intended action. People will always have an opinion.

Whether you are just starting out with new dreams running through veins or you started out a long time ago and still not where you want to be…
There is a bright future for your ideas.
Let us connect, and I will show you how to deliver effortlessly.


My name is Nkechi Ajaeroh, fondly called Kechi.

I am a productivity success mentor. I want to see you go from start to finish because I firmly believe that dreams are meant to be lived not fantasied.

I help creative thinkers like you become action takers.
I know you are not here by accident, so I want to welcome you to my blog formally.

If this is your first time stopping by, start here.



My story: How it all began.

Two years ago I started what I would like to refer to as my productivity journey.

Because I had plateaued; I was not where I wanted to be, and I got tired of always trying, and I stopped.

I said to myself, “no more trying.” I decided to be content with my inadequacy, worst still I decided to be content to the “inadequacies of not wanting to try anymore.

My life was practically in a hamster wheel. Wake up, turn on the television, get my kid ready for school and send him off to school. Watch TV while he was gone, when he comes, we would eat lunch, continue with TV watching favorite shows until when my husband comes back, we eat dinner, get kids ready for bed, kids sleep, we go to bed and tomorrow life continues, just like that. Initially, it was fun but it eventually it became a dull moment in my life.  

Though I was happy to do my bit as a mom and wife, I had this feeling of un-accomplishment that wouldn’t leave.

I wanted to become more in life; I want to impact lives, write and rewrite stories. I want to be a change maker and it has to start from me. 


Where it all began.

I was born, raised and schooled in Nigeria, West Africa, but now live in the USA with my beautiful family. Growing up in Nigeria I have always wanted to be a writer, I want to put my works out there.

However, I felt that time was not right because I was a busy mom with no help in sight.

I have assumed this massive role in raising my kids and nothing else matters until they are 18. Not that anything is wrong with that.


Moment of truth:

I live in the United States of America with no (house) help, so I literarily go round the clock taking care of kids. That is enough work already, and there is nowhere in hell I can add another duty of “trying to write” a book or pursue entrepreneurial dream. So, I said to myself, “yea, you want to write a book, maybe sometime in the future, not at the moment.”

I put it off. Then I thought of other “smaller dreams” and still dismissed it all.

Untill one day in 2015.


Nothing gets done until it is done.

To cut a long story short, for so long, I did not take action to follow my heart or pursue my dreams until ending of 2015 when I realized the power of committment and shameless.

It clicked for me that nothing gets done until it is done.

Then, I made a commitment to follow through with my ultimate goal, it became my priority. In other to become highly productive, YOU MUST MAKE YOUR PRIORITY YOUR TASK. Remember, every task is not a priority. But your priority MUST be topmost on your to-do list.

Today, my dream is my reality.
Today, I am a business owner.
I have a membership community.
I am a two-time #1 international bestselling author on amazon.com
I am a periscope VIP (silver) broadcaster.

There goes my story of how I started with only a VISION plus a barrage of action.

If I can do it, anyone can.
And you sure can, my friend. Now it is your turn.

Let’s innovate your dream.


champion your greatness.


Start from here.



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