5 Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

Three months ago I started on what I called the 90-day gratitude challenge, when I started this challenge, my intention was to get on periscope or Facebook live each day and share with my viewers what I am grateful for. Now, here is the real gist, as time goes by, it became clear to me that I may not be able to do a live broadcast every day, like on weekends just because I tend to focus on my family a little bit more on weekends, so I decided to include post or messages as a way to deliver on this challenge. And by this, I mean writing out what I am grateful for and posting them on FB or tweeting them out. This challenge is building me and helping me grow and I just want to share a little bit from the many things this challenge is revealing to me.

In the cause of this beautiful challenge, I found some surprising benefits of gratitude.


1. Gratitude helps to Improve Productivity

Who would have thought that been more grateful will help you to get more accomplished in your day, well, this is what I have come to notice. I realize that I get more done whenever I am sincerely thankful for people and situations around me. I am not thinking about the wrong someone did me but the right he or she did. Literarily, thinking this way de-clutters your mind and opens the door for positive productivity. We only get 24hours in a day so HECK YEA to anything that increases my energy and makes me more prolific☺


2. Gratitude Creates Better Relationship

Technically, when you show acceptance or appreciation towards something or someone, you will have a better relationship with it. This is sooooooo true! I can’t even tell you☺ Why do you think some families have unending fights and disputes? Well, the number one reason is that some family members may not be willing to acknowledge what the other family member bring to the table. For example, a family member may see himself or herself as a ‘breadwinner’ and then think less of the homemaker, this can cause anger, hatred & discord. But if you as a breadwinner regard the amazing work of the homemaker, then, there could be a better relationship and vice versa. If a spouse chooses to appreciate the other spouse regardless of his or her flaws, then you will begin to have a better relationship with that spouse. Why fret over the shoes littered on the hallway while you can be thankful for the dishes washed. Or maybe you are not happy with the valentine’s card your spouse you gave you because you would have preferred a car. This can also happen in corporate or business connections and relationships.
To build a better relationship with spouses, sisters, parents, friends, family members, foreigners and business partners, choose to value rather than ignore, appreciate rather than despise. Bottom line, all relationship whether formal or informal need some sort of acceptance, appreciation, and acknowledgment to work better. I mean it doesn’t hurt if it gets better, right?


3. Gratitude Promotes Good Health

An African proverb says Heath is wealth, actually, it’s a general saying not particular to Africa. This means that your health is very important and comes before everything else including cash. As you know good health does not only refer to the health of the physical body but equally the emotional, social and mental wellbeing. And for all the aspects of health, gratitude is found to be able to improve. The peacefulness and stress-less-ness that accompanies gratitude are unimaginable. Gratitude has the capacity to calm you from reacting to those little things that will normally set you off and stress you out. As you begin and continue to give thanks and see most things that happen to you as a blessing, your health of mind and body will begin to improve. For instance, stress, even though an emotional situation can cause physical problems like (headaches, high blood pressure etc.,) and gratitude is able to help you reduce stress.


4. Gratitude Makes You A Better Leader

Leading is not an easy task that is why we all are encouraged to pray for our leaders, right? But leaders also have the duty to lead by example so they can attract followers with ease. A leader that appreciates the contribution of his followers and subordinates will be more likely to be obeyed, respected, and followed than an arrogant leader that does not value his tribe. People want to be valued, accepted and respected, if you want to be a great leader, value the people you are leading. Respect their opinion, listen and pay attention. Do you want to be a better school principal? Appreciate your teachers. Do you want to be a better teacher? Be grateful for your substitute teachers and students, appreciate them, value them, show them that they are important and that they matter.


5. Focus on Things that Matter

Life is a journey and this journey sometimes can be filled with ups and downs, distractions left, right, front and center, and focus may be very far away. The truth is that focus or paying attention is really very important to get things done in life, if not you will be lost in busy-ness and distractions around you. My level of focus increased considerably since starting the 90-day gratitude challenge. I now spend less time complaining about things I can’t change and more time concentrating on things that matter. Why gossip and/or complain about your friend while you can accept and love him/her the way he/she is. Gratitude helps you to pay attention to the right things.

Life is short. Live fully.


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10 thoughts on “5 Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

    1. Yes, Sara.
      Gratitude is indeed a powerful emotion! It has the power to make us better human beings.

      Thanks for joining the discussion.

  1. Gratitude for the small things can even begin to heal the wounds from bigger things. Don’t forget to voice gratitude…don’t just feel gratitude. Others need to know we are grateful for their contributions, no matter how big or small.

    1. Hello Sherri,
      I totally agree with you!
      Gratitude is an ACTION word. We have to show it.

      Thanks for joining the discussion. Please stop by often☺️

  2. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Great work!

    1. Hello Tiffany,
      You are right on point. There are many ways to practice gratitude aside Thanksgiving and Christmas.
      Every day should be a day of gratitude.

  3. Someone once said “You are what you think”.
    If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts – then isn’t that what you become?
    It’s not often that we think about how our thoughts can affect our body.
    So I love what you said here about our health.
    Gratitude most likely DOES have the ability to improve our health, calm our body, and reduce stress.
    Great post.

    1. Absolutely Sophie “we are what we think!”

      Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.
      God bless you, sis❤️

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