3 Simple Ways to Advance in your Life and Career Today!

I am so pumped and excited about today’s blog post because we are looking at really very simple ways to advance in life and career. You will agree with me that almost everyone everywhere wants some kind of growth, progress, advancement, prosperity, or improvement, at some point or another, right?


People want to see their lives go forward, not backward. I know you have friends and families and you do get what I mean. Or perhaps you, yourself at this time are looking for ways to improve your life or career.


Well, then, let’s dive in.

Here are 3 simple things you can implement to get your life and career to the next level T-O-D-A-Y!


  1. Improve on what you know to be true.

Practice makes perfect” so says a general saying. You cannot get better by wishing to get better or by hoping that everything around you will change, hmmm, NOPE. You will only get better by sharpening your skills and abilities. For instance, you can become a better runner, by running consistently. If you only have time to practice running once a month, the other person that practices 3 times a week will likely run better than you. If want to be a better cook then you will need to cook a little more often, you can’t eat out all year round, never for once cooking your own meals and suddenly then cooks a Thanksgiving Day dinner and expect it to the best dish ever.


The same thing goes with living your best life and progressing in your chosen career. In other to advance in your life and career you have to be willing to expand and improve your knowledge. Look at the current research in your industry, what does it say? Sometimes you cannot improve what you are doing without feedbacks! Therefore listen to constructive feedbacks from your clients as well. If you can, do market research to know your customer’s pain point so you can properly address it. And most importantly, be patient with the improvement process.


  1. Stop doing whatever that doesn’t work.

How many times have you found yourself repeatedly doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over again? Sometimes it actually feels like doing that thing one more time will produce a different outcome, the bad new is that it won’t.


Dear championista, you are a champion for a reason. Quit doing whatever that doesn’t work. It is a waste of time, energy and resources and it keeps you stagnant. It is absolutely okay to let go of skills and attitudes that no longer serve you. Attitudes like procrastination, gossiping, perfection are some of the habits that will never EVER work for your good and anyone looking to advance in life should stop them already.


Use your precious time wisely; you only have 24 hours in a day.


  1. Cultivate new habits.

This is easily said than done. Every single day that you decide to turn on the TV, radio or live stream be sure that you will see or hear someone from your screen motivating and encouraging you to live better. I do it too; I encourage and empower dreamers to become doers. It is almost like a cliché, everyone already knows this to be true, that we have to cultivate new habits! But why is everyone not doing it? Well, everything is easier said than done! (Sad)

But the good news is that YOU can do it. Yes, you can!

You do have the power within you to nurture new positive habits that will take you to the next level. There is no short cut around success, good habits are necessary for advancement. Habits like physical activity or exercises, showing gratitude and reading are all necessary for growth and development.


On a personal note, I love loveeeee reading. Am glad I have re-activated it in my life, for a while I fell off the bandwagon but I am back now.


In order to encourage the habit of reading, I created a “Readers are Leaders” win 3 best-selling books challenge, where championistas enter FREE to win 3 best sellers. The three books I will be giving out to the winner of this challenge are those same powerful books that changed my life.

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